Koji Kondo is one of the most notable individuals in video game music production, especially for the pieces he has composed for the Legend of Zelda franchise. He proposed an interesting idea recently in an interview with GoNintendo involving his work in the Zelda franchise. He expressed that he would want to remix the music in the franchise in a new fashion.

Kondo doesn’t wish to just revisit a single game from the franchise, but the series as a whole. He says he would much rather hand-pick specific songs that are his favorites rather than the set playlist a single game can offer. He envisions sitting down at a piano accompanied by two other musicians on a drum set and a bass guitar, and playing
Zelda pieces in the style of jazz. It is also notable that it was recently unveiled that Kondo is not actively working on the soundtrack for Zelda U. This could leave more time for Kondo to take up an opportunity to create a project like this.

Would you be interested in an album of jazz styled Zelda song, especially if it is by the series’ long-running composer and highly talented piano player? Perhaps a “smoky-bar” rendition of “The Song of Storms” or “Windfall Island” clashing with Chicago Swing is in our future. Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo

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