From the frustratingly strange way Silent Hills was revealed to the general madness surrounding each and every Metal Gear game, Hideo Kojima has become well known to be very cryptic when revealing information, and many people are likely to not understand what he’s doing because of this.

After his appearance at The Game Awards two weeks ago, many sites reported on his t-shirt, noting that is has the Swedish words for “sixth” and “twenty-second” on it, thinking that June 22nd 2015 was the release date for his upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This speculation changed with the handy work of a few clever internet users.

When a few anonymous internet users pointed out the fact that the game was originally revealed as a game by a Swedish indie developer known as “Moby Dick Studios” until its formal announcement at GDC 2013, they correlated the fact that Moby Dick was the sixth novel by author Herman Melville, and the twenty-second chapter in the book was titled “Merry Christmas.”

And sure enough, after a few minutes of searching, they came back with a Kojima Station livestream scheduled for Christmas Day without any official word or promotions by Konami or Kojima alike. While it may seem insane to make mental leaps like this, Kojima has never been opposed to throwing tough puzzles at us over even the simplest of things.

It might not be a release date, but just like every Kojima Station, we should prepare for some sort of good news.

What do you think of this livestream being hidden like that? What do you hope will be on it? Tell us in the comments!

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