In a recent BBC documentary called Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man, double amputee James Young was shown trying out his new prosthetic arm. The arm’s design was largely designed based on the cyborg arm used by Snake in Metal Gear Solid V.

The limb’s development was undertaken by The Alternative Limb Project (also known as the Phantom Limb project, referencing MGSV), which is funded by Konami. The BBC documentary, part two of which is above (part one is available here), followed the year-long development of Young’s prosthetic. While Young has had some teething problems with his new arm (he finds it difficult to walk with it when combined with his prosthetic leg, for example), its futuristic design and glowing parts make it a pretty cool piece of hardware.

Head on over to Reddit to check out James’ AMA session, where he gave insight into his disability and answered questions on the development of the limb.

Source: PC Gamer

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