Earlier in the week we reported on a rumor about a planned Mortal Kombat movie reboot. A list of the film’s character (with descriptions on their personality and background) allegedly leaked online, revealing a 14-year-old Raiden, a new main character, and a strange re-write for Sonya Blade. Producer Todd Garner and writer Greg Russo have since stepped forward to offer some clarity.

As it turns out, the list is somewhat legitimate, but not complete or up to date.
According to Russo, the list is based on a partial, older version of the script. Garner added that “Nothing is happening with the movie at this time,” so it sounds like that script isn’t likely to be representative of the finished product…if it gets released at all.

That said, Russo promises that the film is in “good hands” and states that they’re hoping to get it made soon. Video game movies are always a tricky project, as you have to strike a balance between appeasing the existing fans and attracting the wider movie-going audience. Can Mortal Kombat be one of the few that gets it right?

Ben Lamoreux


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