It was previously revealed that Destiny would be receiving one last major expansion in 2016, with a sequel coming in 2017. That expansion has just been leaked; an image on Reddit initially brought a possible poster for the expansion to light, and sources close to Kotaku later confirmed its authenticity. The new expansion is titled “Rise of Iron,” and the poster features Lord Saladin, the host of a no-holds-barred PvP tournament called the Iron Banner. Kotaku’s sources claim this expansion will feature a new raid and will be larger than the year one DLC packs.

According to these sources, the raid will most likely be Fallen-themed and may feature elements from the raid that was cut from last year’s
House of Wolves DLC. Looking at the image, it’s possible that this expansion sets the character near Old Russia, near the wall, or perhaps even close to the wall immediately surrounding the Last City. The name Rise of Iron may also hint at the Iron Lords and the Iron Wolves, two groups of guardians who rose up to defend the Last City in the past. Lastly stands Lord Saladin, the previously described host of the Iron Banner, which in-game is meant to honor these two former groups.

While the exact details of this expansion still remain unclear, hopefully we will learn more at E3 this June! In the meantime, check out the original leaked image in the gallery below!

Source: Reddit, Kotaku

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