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Leaks Suggest That the Next Call of Duty Game Will Be Black Ops 4


Based on the current rotation of Call of Duty developers, we know that this year’s annual release will be developed by Treyarch, developer of the popular Black Ops games. After the lukewarm response to the sci-fi elements of the second two Black Ops titles, many fans were wondering if Treyarch would move on to something else.

We may have a partial answer to that, as a recent leak from GameStop’s internal database shows listings for Black Ops 4 merchandise. This includes t-shirts and lanyards, priced at $19.99 and $6.99 respectively. GameStop is known to carry merchandise like this for every Call of Duty release, so this information isn’t surprising. These items are expected to arrive in May, which is around the time new titles in the franchise are typically announced.

As far as what the game will hold, nobody is sure yet. However, there were reports last month that indicated Black Ops 4 would back away from the sci-fi elements and become “more grounded.” It was also rumored that we would see this new title on the Nintendo Switch. The last Call of Duty title to appear on a Nintendo system was the 2013 release of Ghosts.

What are your hopes for the potential new Black Ops game? Do you think the series will return to Nintendo? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Sources: CharlieIntel, IGN

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