Valve recently opened up their API, Steamworks, to game developers, and it seems as though an individual discovered work related to the Left 4 Dead franchise — specifically, work on a possible next installment, Left 4 Dead 3. Let’s back up for a moment just so everything is easy to understand. What exactly is Steamworks?

Steamworks is an Application Programming Interface (API) intended to help with video game development and publishing. Steamworks offers a variety of convenient features to developers interested in creating a video game and getting it out into the world: no licensing fees, no bandwidth charges, and no certification requirement.

Apparently, a user of Steamworks found a reference to Left 4 Dead 3, a title which has yet to be announced by Valve. Not much was uncovered about this project, and the developer responsible for the leaked information was promptly banned from Steamworks.

Could this mean that Valve didn’t want any information regarding Left 4 Dead 3 to be released? If so, that might mean the project truly is in the works. Whatever your thoughts on this topic, leave a comment below!

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Logan Cavaliere


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