Level-5, the developer of the Yo-kai game series, recently hosted an event to showcase their upcoming games and cross-media projects. One of these new projects is “Megaton Musashi,” which will be getting an RPG game, anime, and toy lineup. The premise centers around an alien race that has wiped out 90% of Earth’s population and taken the Earth as a new home. The remaining majority of humans have their memories wiped of the aliens, while the few with their memories intact must use giant robots, or “Musashi,” to defeat the invaders.

While no official platforms have been announced, the concept images showed the game being run on a Nintendo 3DS and a PlayStation device.The current expected release window is the summer of 2017 in Japan.

According to the US branch of the company, the story will be told from different viewpoints in different forms of media, which according to them will help audiences enjoy individual viewpoints as well as the entire overarching story. The anime will also feature the school that the protagonists go to and, according to Level-5, some “thrilling suspense-drama.” There are no current plans to release the game or anime outside of the US, but if it becomes successful enough a release outside of Japan may be possible.

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Sources: Official Website, Gematsu

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