After Wii U turned out to be a massive flop last generation, many developers were hesitant to invest significant time or resources into supporting Nintendo Switch at launch. Now that Nintendo’s hybrid console is selling at a record-smashing pace, that attitude is quickly changing. Level-5 is the latest developer to display faith in Nintendo Switch, promising strong support for the platform going forward.

In a recent interview with Japanese publication Nikkei Trendy, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino stated his intention to release the company’s “main games” on Nintendo Switch going forward. While this is great for Switch, it means diminished support for 3DS, as Hino confirmed that any ideas the company had for Nintendo’s handheld will now be moved over to Switch. The Snack World: Trejarers Gold will be Level-5’s first title on Switch when it debuts in Japan on April 12th.

It’s unclear at this time whether or not major Level-5 titles that have skipped Nintendo altogether (such as the Ni No Kuni franchise) will make their way to Switch as well. However, we might get some clarity on that subject later this year. Level-5 will once again beholding a “Vision” event this fall, and they are expected to announce new titles at this time.

With Level-5 approaching its 20th anniversary, the company is also planning to celebrate by unveiling a brand new franchise. Hino has previously indicated that this new game will be have the massive scale of an MMORPG (although he wouldn’t quite classify it as one itself) and will be set in the modern day. Hopefully this mystery title will make its way to Switch as well.

Source: Nikkei Trendy (via Gematsu)

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