Yo-kai Watch didn’t do particularly well in the US, compared to the series’ success in Japan. However, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino thinks that Yo-kai Watch 2 will really take off in the US. He said that in Japan, the first Yo-kai Watch game didn’t get great sales either, but he thinks that the US will follow Japan’s sales trends and have the second game become a “huge phenomenon.”

“We have to understand that it takes time, but then at the same time we have to work as hard as we can to shorten the time as much as possible. I think we’re following the same kind of sales trend as Japan. Meaning that our first game in Japan had OK sales, but it only became a huge phenomenon when we released the second game. I think our launch here in the US is kind of the ideal sales that we had expected.

“For the markets where it takes more time, we have to change the messaging, trying to push the aspects that are more familiar to those markets. Not just push the game as-is, but pick the unique aspect that will be familiar. We do believe that Yo-kai Watch can be as big of a social phenomenon [in the West] as it is in Japan,”
— Akihiro Hino

The Yo-kai Watch anime series was successful in the US, so perhaps Yo-kai Watch 2 will take off. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Verge

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