Dontnod has been teasing the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Life is Strange for a while now. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was released a couple of months ago for free to give players a taste of the upcoming Life is Strange 2. In Captain Spirit, players had a chance to delve into the imaginative mind of Chris, a young boy who pretends to be the amazing superhero Captain Spirit.

For those who played the game, the reveal for Life is Strange 2 may shock you a bit, as Chris is nowhere to be seen. However, there are two other faces you may recognize from the end of that title. These two are the main protagonists of the upcoming sequel to Life is Strange.

The new game centers around the story of these two brothers, Sean and Daniel. The two boys live a pretty normal life with their father. But in Life is Strange, nobody can be happy. So after a series of tragic events and a discovery of supernatural powers, the brothers are forced to hit the road and run away to their family’s hometown in Puerto Lobos, Mexico.

Life is Strange 2 is about the connection between the two brothers and their journey across the country. You will play as Sean, who is the older of the brothers, and your choices as Daniel’s role model will affect what kind of person your little brother becomes.

Dontnod has also been a little hesitant in confirming what powers are involved in Life is Strange 2, and they haven’t shown which of the brothers has this power. Based on the footage available from the trailers and Captain Spirit, it seems that one of the boys either has the ability to move things with their mind or they’re able to control the wind. However, the editing of the footage seems really strange. There are theories floating around that while Sean is the character we control, Daniel may actually be the one with powers.

This is all speculation, of course. So for now, feel free to check out the reveal trailer and the first 20 minutes of the game, which are both available to watch below!

The game will also feature an original soundtrack from French composer Jonathan Morali, who worked on the first game, as well as some licensed music for that authentic Life is Strange atmosphere. The developers have released a Spotify playlist of the game’s soundtrack that will be updated in the coming weeks as more is revealed.

Dontnod also teased some new features that will appear in Life is Strange 2, so keep your eyes peeled on their official blog for more information.

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 will release on September 27th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can preorder the entire season now for $39.99.

It seems like Life is Strange 2 will be taking the best concepts of its predecessor to tell a brand new story. What are your hopes for the sequel? Are you ready to get back into the world of Life is Strange? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Official Life is Strange Blog

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