In case you missed out on the final part of Lightning’s story in
Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII, there is no need to worry as it is coming to Steam on December 10. The Steam version of the game has had no changes made to the original story, supports 60 FPS, and comes with a ton of DLC that will now be included for free. The game, however, will not be receiving everything that was featured on console.

These are the “jobs”, known as schemata, that will be available for free:

•”Divine Wear” schemata

•”Moogle Lover” schemata

•”Ultimate Savior” schemata

•”FFX-2 Yuna” schemata

•”FFVII Cloud” schemata

•”FFX Yuna” schemata

•”Tomb Raider” schemata

•”Shining Prince” schemata

•”Dark Samurai” schemata

•”Sohei Savior” schemata

•”Utsusemi” schemata

•”Art of War” schemata

•”Flower of Battle” schemata

•”Shogun” schemata

The Steam version will also include the bonus items originally awarded for having save data from the previous games in the series, regardless of whether there is suitable save data present or not. Partial controller support is also included, so Steam advises that “X-input is recommended for this game.

Midgar’s Flower Girl schemata, which is modeled after Aerith from
Final Fantasy VII, will not be available in the Steam version, as well as social networking features known as “Outerworld Services” that allowed players to post screenshots and messages on a community board, and you will not be allowed to change the names assigned to Chocobos, map markers, or schemata. The Steam version will also not support Dolby Surround Sound.

Lightning Returns was one of the best experiences I ever had on console, mainly because the action oriented gameplay of the battle system mixed perfectly with time based elements. The final part of Lightning’s legacy was a real treat for fans of JRPGs. Are you planning on playing Lightning’s last adventure on Steam? Tell us in the comments below!

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