Two teenagers, Zachary Buchta and Bradley Jan Willem Van Rooy, from Maryland and the Netherlands respectively, were charged with cyber crimes for the attacks that brought both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network down in the holiday season of 2014. The two were charged in federal court for “conspiring to cause damage to protected computers,” and the Department of Justice has also seized four domain names including Buchta was arrested last month and ordered to appear in Chicago before a judge.

The U.S. initially began investigating Lizard Squad as a result of a for-pay harassment service, in which spoofed phone numbers were used to conduct automated messages. One victim apparently received a call every hour over the course of 30 days, each filled with violent threats. The 2014 attacks may have been the inspiration for several other attacks, including the attack last month on the digital security news site Krebson Security, which the hosting provider Akamai says may be the largest DDoS attack in history.

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Source: Polygon

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