Microsoft announced a conference concerning the “future of Xbox” for May 21st. This term obviously means the company’s next console, and rumors have been flying all over the web about the system. Always online, no used games, and many more details have been shot down by fans. Now we have a rumor on the price.

According to the story, the next Xbox will come in two different models, similar to the Wii U’s release. There will be a simple $499 console, and then a $299 bundle. Both versions are carbon copies of each other from what we know. Here’s the catch: the $299 model will also come with a two-year subscription to Xbox Live, and the service will cost $15 a month. That adds up to $659, and you may want to continue your subscription after.

This rumor brings up a past business decision by Microsoft, when they sold a $99 model of the 360 with a subscription fee. It’s been done before, and it can happen again.

Will this rumor be true? Will the next Xbox also block used games and have an always online connection? We’ll find out on May 21st. A full line-up is also supposed to be revealed at E3 this year.

Stay at Gamnesia as the news rolls in.

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