Well, today’s Smash Bros. character announcement was rather exciting! Rather than one announcement, we seem to have gotten four!

In today’s announcement, we saw Fire Emblem Awakening characters Lucina, Robin, and Chrom in action in Super Smash Bros. Additionally, the trailer also confirmed Captain Falcon as a returning character.

In the game, Lucina utilizes her father’s Falchion to slice through opposing fighters. Robin utilizes tomes to send magic attacks at competitors; these tomes have limited uses. Robin also fights with a Levin Sword, and you’ll be able to play as both the male and female forms of the character. Chrom was hinted at in the trailer, and we do see him in action; however, it is unclear at this time whether he is an assist trophy, an alternate costume for Lucina, a part of her final smash, or something else. Right now, he appears to be a part of Robin’s final smash, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Stay tuned later for some screenshots from the reveal!

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