PC gamers are in an uproar over Hangar 13’s recently released Mafia III. The PC version of the 1960’s crime drama launched with a slew of bugs and design choices that have resulted in a “mixed” review rating on Steam. Some of the biggest offenders include a framerate locked at 30 frames-per-second and a game-breaking bug related to custom keyboard controls that prevent some players from even completing the tutorial.

According to a list compiled by players on the Steam community page, the game also suffers from issues with 4K resolutions and crackling in the sound. While not on the list, some comments mention Mafia III does not support AMD processors, nor does it allow for multiple GPU configurations. Fortunately, Hangar 13 quickly responded to these issues and even claims they already have a patch running that allows for 60 FPS and Unlimited FPS options in the game’s options menu. While no other issues were expressed directly, they also promise that there will be various other improvements included in the patch. Hangar 13 hopes to release this patch later this weekend.

If you were curious about getting this game on consoles, similar issues have not been reported. Many of the reviews on Steam also praise the game for its story and gameplay, so it seems as though this is just an isolated problem that does not actually reflect the quality of the game itself. The verdict is still out on whether the game is worth buying or not though, as very few reviews have been published yet due to a lack of review copies from 2K Games.

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