It’s three years into Wii U’s life, and there’s no sign of a main series Animal Crossing game coming to Wii U (although spin-off Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival recently launched). But that doesn’t stop the dedicated fans from imagining what one would be like. For the team at TheBitBlock, just imagining it wasn’t enough, so they brought it to life as a video. Kicking off a new series called “Make Believe,” they’ve beautifully illustrated and animated their ideas.

Their ideal Wii U take on
Animal Crossing would prominently feature hot air balloons, both as a means of transportation to other towns and as something to customize and decorate. TheBitBlock’s video also tackles beautiful HD graphics, GamePad integration, ideas for new features, and much more. It’s a fun and in-depth adventure into the hypothetical, but it will probably leave you a little sad at its lack of existence as a real game.

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