After it was confirmed that development on Hyrule Warriors had wrapped up, the next news to await was the exact size of the data within the game. The title’s launch is fast approaching in Japan, while America’s release date is only a bit over a month away. Now we know just how much room needs to be made on our Wii U systems.

Hyrule Warriors takes up 7.8 GB of space. That means it won’t fit on a Basic Bundle Wii U, but a Deluxe Bundle should fit it with enough moving around. Of course, if you plan to download, you really should have external storage already.

Personally, I don’t think size matters. It’s the way you use the data that counts. Nevertheless, Hyrule Warriors is shaping up to be some fantastic fan service, so all aboard the hype train!

Source: Twitter

Note: This story was originally posted to ZeldaInformer, even though the news had already been covered. The text can find a happy home here on Gamnesia.

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