Paul Boyle on Kickstarter is requesting €1,670,000 ($1,963,368) to build a real life version of Michael’s house from Grand Theft Auto V, the record breaking video game released in 2013. Boyle hopes to raise enough money to plan and construct the house in Carlingford, Ireland, presumably because he only lives an hour away in the country’s capital, Dublin. There are currently four reward tiers: €4 will get you pictures and videos of the house, €400 will get you a personalized swimming pool tile, €900 will get you a tour, and €5,000 will get you a three night stay. According to the tiers, the house will be ready towards the end of 2017, assuming the incredible amount is reached by March 5th, 2015. Only €25 have been pledged so far, with 49 days to go.

Source: Kickstarter

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