Pokémon X and Y are set to launch on October 12th, offering a new world to explore, new Pokémon, and a myriad of new features to try, including online features. To accommodate these new features, Game Freak will begin pulling the plug on certain Generation V (Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2) online functionality on October 12th. At that time, new user registration and the trial version of the Dream World will go offline. However, the Global Link will have special X and Y functions available that same day. Then, on December 14th, users will no longer be able to put Pokémon to sleep and send them to the Dream World.

The last online closures will occur on January 14th, 2014, and the list is quite extensive. At that point in time, the following features will no longer be available:

  • Global Trade System Tracking
  • Rating Mode on Random Matchup
  • Ability to do WiFi Memory Link in Black 2 and White 2
  • C-Gear, Musical, and Pokédex Skin Changing
  • Waking Up Pokémon to Obtain Items and Pokemon from Dream World (players can still awaken their Pokémon from their games; however, they cannot redeem any of their prizes)

After January 14th, the remaining Generation V online features will be safe for a while, and the X and Y Global Link will be in full swing. We still don’t know what features will be available, but hopefully they’ll be interesting.

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