Marilyn Manson’s ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor, released recently, and it was printed entirely on PlayStation discs from the 90’s. The CD’s came straight from Sony’s old plant, making them completely authentic.

Why? Well, as you may remember, the original PlayStation discs were completely black, and thanks to a newly added thermal layer, they’ll turn white after they’ve been played, representing the transition of Manson’s soul throughout his life.

As art directors Hassan Rahim and Willo Perron revealed in an interview with Kill Screen, the discs colours represent the “dark and light” themes of the album. In Manson’s own words, he “sold his soul to be a rockstar“, and recently “got the mortgage back on his soul“. This is the symbolism behind the disc’s colours; the album itself shows how Manson’s soul changed over the course of his life, and how it’s finally bright again. Therefore, the disc will start out black, and then turn white after you listen to it.

What do you guys think? Is this awesome, or just kind of ridiculous? Personally, I think this is really cool; physically making a disc’s colours change to represent the tone of the album is definitely something new and powerful, and the fact that they had to use old PlayStation discs to accomplish this is just a funny detail.

Source: GameSpot

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