Was yesterday’s reveal of Nintendo’s E3 plans not enough news to satisfy you for one week? Fear not, for Nintendo has supplied a surprise Mario Kart 8 Direct jam-packed with lots of new information. We’ll be breaking the direct down into multiple posts to make it easier to digest, so stay tuned as we put up more content!

The Direct explored the technical aspects of the game and elaborated on different game mechanics; it also outlined a few kart customizations that highlight different skills and highlighted some of the music from the game. To get started, it was revealed that spin boosts can be chained while in anti-gravity sections of a race, allowing for racers to work together to continue to boost and pull away from the pack. There was also an analysis about the differences between bikes and karts. Bikes are better suited for cutting tight corners, while karts are superior on straightaways; which vehicle is better is determined by the track.

In addition to the mechanics discussed, the Direct focused on specific kart and bike customizations that boosted different abilities. The combination of the Circuit Special kart body and Slick Tires makes a fast kart, while the combination of the Sport Bike and Slim Tires excels at cornering. The ATV and Monster Tires combine to give a boost to offroad racing, and the Prancer and Wood Tires makes racers elegant like a princess. It was also announced that all of the music from the game was recorded by live performers, and some spectacular selections were played (you can listen to them in the video above).

What do you guys think? Excited for Mario Kart 8? Stay tuned for more coverage of the Direct!

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