With the release of the newest edition in the Mario Kart series less than a month away, Nintendo has been working hard to promote the game and show us just what we can expect from this experience. The Nintendo Direct dedicated to it and the trailers we’ve seen have shown a game that looks beautiful and brings new elements to the racing franchise. It looks like Nintendo pulled out all the stops to use the Wii U hardware as efficiently as they can. In an EDGE interview with director Yosuke Yabuki, he talked about making the game as visually striking as possible.

Our aim was to create a game that used HD graphics and played at a smooth 60 FPS. We pushed Wii U’s capabilities to their limits to achieve this. I think it still has a lot of potential left, and I suspect there are more ways to make use of its capabilities that we haven’t even imagined. — Kosuke Yabuki

Hopefully Nintendo and third party developers will expand on their own games by experimenting with new art styles and fluid gameplay. Are you excited for Mario Kart 8? Is this game going to be a paragon of the hardware capabilities of the Wii U, or will the developers continue to improve on it? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Go Nintendo

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