Mario Maker is an upcoming create-your-own-level video game for the Wii U where players will have the total freedom of generating and editing their own Mario-styled platformer level. The game will offer a variety of design choices for players to use from titles like the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

However, it is unfortunate that Koji Kondo has confirmed in an interview with IGN that players will be unable to create their own
Mario-themed music to couple their personally-crafted levels.

When asked specifically whether or not players would get to compose their own scores in
Mario Maker, Kondo responded directly and concisely, stating:

“No. The sound editor is not designed to allow players to create their own original music, simply because this is a game about creating Mario levels to play through, not a music creator. While we do have some robust sound editing functions involved, there’s no music creation section.” — Koji Kondo

After acknowledging this point, individuals awaiting the title’s release might be wondering what they’ll be listening to when editing or playing. In response to a previous point, Kondo mentions:

“… A lot of the music in edit mode will be standard arrangements of some of the original scores you’ll be hearing in play mode, but I’m really looking at making those arrangements branch into a lot of different genres as well. Some of the songs will be pretty unique and abstracted versions of the original score.” — Koji Kondo

It really is hapless to hear that when players are tackling their own crazy creations or their friends’, they won’t be able to hear some crazier musical track. Regardless,
Mario Maker is looking like it’ll be a fun experience that all kinds of players can get involved in.

Kondo has already spoken about the game’s overall sound, and Mario Maker will surely be a long-lasting title if all goes well. As its release approaches with the coming of 2015, make sure to stay locked-in right here at Gamnesia for specific and general video game news coverage!

Are you looking forward to
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Source: IGN

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