As of Friday, Nintendo’s Mario Party: Island Tour has been available on the 3DS and 2DS. Coinciding with the launch, Nintendo released the—you guessed it—”Mario Party: Island Tour Launch Trailer,” touting the party game’s various features and describing many of its “7 new game boards with 7 new ways to play,” as it appears each of the Island Tour‘s game boards has a twist to it.

Perilous Palace Path has you racing to the finish using items, Banzai Bill’s Mad Mountain has you dodging Banzai Bills, Star-Crossed Skyway has you collecting mini stars, Rocket Road has you collecting boosters to blast forward, Kamek’s Carpet Ride has you playing cards to reach the goal, and Shy Guy’s Shuffle City has you avoiding “the dreaded Bowser card.” Then there’s “the terrifying minigame tower.”

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Barry Herbers
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