As weird as this game initially seemed at first (and to be fair, it still is in many ways), Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle looks like an RPG game that will require quite a lot of strategy while retaining some of the charm from each of the respective franchises involved. During E3’s Nintendo Treehouse coverage, we got to see plenty of this game in action and learn more about its many features.

The tail-end of the first world in the game was shown in greater detail in the Treehouse. “The Jenga Tower,” as it was called, is a more vertical area compared to the sprawling plains of grass, snow, and desert featured in the trailers thus far. At the end of said area, the gigantic “Rabbid Kong” was revealed as the title’s first boss battle. Fittingly enough, the necktie-wearing goliath can heal by eating some of his horde of bananas, so if one can knock those away from him, Mario’s squad will be more able to take out the ape imposer himself. His duel is so intense that it can take up to thirty minutes on a single try.

Another foe Mario and company can run into in this are of the game is Spawny the Rabbid, who can fuse Rabbids with other things, apparently depending on his stress level. The plot thickens as Bowser Jr. is the one who convinces the raving Rabbid to battle against Mario and friends, no doubt furthering the already absurd chaos that followed the Rabbids’ arrival.

Kingdom Battle also has an upgrade tree to teach characters their abilities, which splits into four sections for each character. The player can upgrade the movement, attack, technique, and other special abilities of the eight characters in the game. Mario’s Stomp Jump ability is one example of such an upgrade. Orb collectibles that are earned from fighting battles are used to purchase said upgrades. Things naturally get more expensive as the game progresses, so unless players do some extra grinding, not all of the upgrades will be able to be purchased in a normal play-through.

After seeing a lot of
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in action, how do you feel about this unorthodox Mario spinoff now? Do you think the RPG gameplay has promise, or will you wait to see how this Switch title performs before buying? Let us know in the comments below!

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