1. Sakurai has no respect for Smash fans.

  2. There’s still hope for shaggy!

  3. Who the fuck has been
    Asking for Ironman? Lol

  4. So… Android 21 when?

  5. And yet, people will still pester him for these characters. Give it a rest, people.

  6. Scott Thatcher Jr. gottem

  7. Hero is the closest thing to Goku we’ll get. And I’m happy with that :3

  8. So he’s saying there’s a chance…

  9. If they put Goku in smash then everyone will want every god forsaken anime character in smash Bros, same with comic characters like iron Man, the Money for the legal rights to use them would be insane as well. It makes sense really

  10. Fuck Goku anyways. Ryu has always been a cooler character.

  11. But what about Wolverine and Vegeta?

  12. Please do Captain N 🙏🏼

  13. Still hope for Shrek!

  14. good, keep it restricted to nintendo characters only

  15. Off the Top of my Head: Chun Li, Robotnik, and a Pokemon from Gen 8…

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