A few weeks ago, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church held a summit to meet with YouTubers from around the world to discuss how the internet can be used to bring people together. MatPat from the popular Game Theory series attended as a YouTube representative from the United States and was given the chance to meet and talk with the Pope. Visitors to the Pope are asked to present him with a gift, and MatPat decided to choose something that he felt held a tremendous amount of symbolic meaning: a Steam code for Undertale.

In the latest episode of Game Theory, MatPat explains his reasons for choosing
Undertale and explores the messages he hopes to send to the world with the choice. Undertale is built around central themes like morality, mercy, and taking the time to learn about others instead of viewing them as enemies. All of these themes correspond with the Pope’s proclamation of a “Year of Mercy,” and MatPat hopes that Undertale will serve as an example of positive themes from games to an outside world that largely paints the gaming community in a negative and violent light. You can check out the video by clicking above!

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