Pokémon GO is making record-breaking cash from in-game microtransactions, and developer Niantic Labs has started monetizing the game in another way as well. They recently partnered with McDonald’s in Japan to turn every McDonald’s location in the country into a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym. The increased traffic to restaurants was expected to boost profits for the fast food giant, and it certainly looks to have been a successful move.

McDonald’s had suffered seven consecutive quarterly losses in Japan, but they just reported a net income of ¥300 million (just under $3 million USD) for the past three months. Net sales jumped by 19% for the quarter, hitting their highest point in two years. Sales for the month of July (when
Pokémon GO launched) were particularly impressive, up 27% from before the mobile game’s launch.

Chief Executive Officer Sarah Casanova believes it’s too early to estimate the impact of
Pokémon GO on the company’s earnings, but she noted that their partnership with Niantic is attracting more customers. In particular, demand for children’s meals including Pokémon toys has increased.

Source: Advertising Age

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