The Pokémon Company has been regularly releasing new trailers, screenshots, and press releases to feed us more information about Pokémon Sun & Moon, but we haven’t seen Mega Evolution return as a game mechanic in any of them. This has led some to believe that it’s being left out or replaced by Z-Moves, but this isn’t the case. A new trailer dropped this morning, revealing evolved forms for Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet, and it also confirmed that Mega Evolution is coming back for Pokémon Sun & Moon. Are you happy to see it return?

Pokémon Sun and Moon will launch worldwide on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS. If you’re already sure you want to explore the Pokémon-filled world of Alola, Amazon lets you preorder Pokémon Sun right here and Pokémon Moon right here. You can also preorder the games’ official strategy guide and its hardcover collector’s edition at the respective links.

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