Last last year Capcom announced the exciting news that Mega Man 11 is coming out in 2018. The Blue Bomber had fallen out of grace for years, but Capcom is giving him a big revival, including the new game and a TV show. Capcom hasn’t revealed too many key details since the initial announcement in December, but today we got an action-packed trailer that shows off new mechanics, bosses, and even a release date.

Mega Man 11 officially launches across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on October 2nd for $29.99. One of the game’s big hooks is the new Double Gear System, which gives Mega Man numerous powers. The Speed Gear slows the flow of time around him and the Power Gear overcharges the Mega Buster (and weapons acquired from bosses) and allows for a powerful double shot. When critically low on health, Mega Man can activate both gears simultaneously to unleash his full power.

The new trailer also gave us a look at some of the levels and bosses we’ll be encountering. Block Man and Fuse Man each got plenty of screen time. As usual, defeating bosses will unlock new weapons for Mega Man, but this time around he’ll transform more to resemble the slain enemies when using their weapons.

Source: Capcom

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