The 2017 PlayStation Experience rediscovered many 2018 PlayStation 4 releases and featured in-depth interviews with many developers. Trailers also debuted for many anticipated releases, including Monster Hunter World. One of the biggest parts of this trailer in particular revealed that a 3D model of the 8-bit hero Mega Man will be able to be used as a skin for your Felyne partner, and weapons and abilities from the Mega Man series will make an appearance too!

The Last Guardian was revealed to be getting a virtual reality demo that will be free on the PlayStation Store starting on December 12th. The demo will let players explore a level of the game in VR that is about 20 minutes long, letting you interact with both the world and with Trico.

In other PlayStation news, the new
God of War is in its playtesting phase and is said to be approximately 25 to 35 hours long. The action-adventure revival launches on March 22nd, 2018, or at least that is what the North American PlayStation Store said in a recent update before an added cover-up corrected the date back to December 31st, 2018. Knowing that the game has been said to launch in spring, the March release date sounds likely after all.

Detroit: Become Human was also shown off, with the COO of developer Quantic Dream playing through the title’s first level and using audience input to make decisions of what to investigate and which dialogue options to take. He confirmed that the scene where android protagonist Connor diffuses a tense hostage situation will serve as the game’s very first level, and they reiterated that the game is scheduled to release in spring of 2018.

After the initial PlayStation Experience presentation, Executive Shawn Layden hinted that PlayStation users should be able to
change their PSN names within a year from now. He mentioned that the process for doing so is complex from a technical perspective but that he is having people work on the problem nonetheless.

“I hope we’ll see events occur that you won’t have to ask me that question next PSX,”
— Shawn Layden, PlayStation Interactive President and CEO

What do you think about all this recent PlayStation news? Are you excited about the games coming out in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PlayStation Experience 2017

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