In celebration of the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary last year, Capcom is releasing every Mega Man X game in the new and improved Mega Man X Legacy Collection bundle. The bundle includes all eight X games alongside extra content like concept art, music, and even a prequel anime. If you’re planning to pick these classics up on Switch, you can get a head start right now.

Capcom has just made the two collections available for pre-loading on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This means you can pre-order them right now and load the bulk of the games onto your console. Then, when they officially launch, you’ll just need a quick day one patch to activate them and start playing right away.

The first Legacy Collection will take up 2.9GB of space on your Switch, while the second is much larger (but still quite manageable) at 6.6GB. Each Legacy Collection pack costs $19.99 and includes four of the eight games. Alternatively, you can buy both in a bundle at retail for $39.99.

Ben Lamoreux


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