It’s been five years now since Nintendo released a new Metroid game, and fans have grown impatient. Nintendo hoped to satisfy fans by unveiling a new Metroid at E3, but it was poorly-received. Metroid Prime: Federation Force ditches staples of the series, like a playable Samus Aran and an exploration-fueled isolationist experience, and replaces them with a four player co-op shooter.

Metroid Producer Kensuke Tanabe and other developers have been defending the game since its initial reveal, promising fans that they’ll enjoy the finished product. In a recent interview, Tanabe opened up a little bit about the content of the game, stating that “this is something that will be very important in the plot, the whole idea of the Prime universe” and revealing some of the game’s missions.

A big focus of
Federation Force will be fleshing out the story of the conflict between Space Pirates and the Galactic Federation. On one planet in the game, you’ll uncover a plot by the Space Pirates to create the ultimate weapon.

“On one of them, there will be research that the Federation has to conduct, and they get to the planet thinking it’s an abandoned place that the Federation used to use before, but they find out that the Space Pirates have been using that place to plot something against the Galactic Federation. Creating the ultimate weapon.”
— Kensuke Tanabe

Although the game is a first-person shooter, it won’t follow traditional shooters in throwing hordes of enemies at the player. Enemies are just one element of the gameplay, and the development team hopes to challenge players in many different ways. One example Tanabe gave was a mission where you must guide a railway cart from the beginning of a level to the end.

“Their idea of first-person shooting games is to have a lot of targets to go through. I also wanted, instead of having an abundance of enemies to shoot around, to have more time to be able to get used to the controls.

“There’s one mission where you have a railway with carts on top of it, and your mission will be to push that from beginning to end. The point of this mission will be to avoid the magnetic force against you to get the carts onward to the goal, and there you have the Space Pirates spawn to add to that, to be in your way.

“It’s not just about bringing [enemies] that are clever, but also focusing on other ideas that I could implement in the game to make things a little trickier and more challenging for players to go through a single mission.”
— Kensuke Tanabe

Based on what you’ve heard and seen so far, what do you think of
Metroid Prime: Federation Force? What direction would you like to see the plot take?

Source: Wired

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