In a recent interview with USGamer, Metroid Prime: Federation Force producer Kensuke Tanabe talked about the negative fan reaction for the game and what he thinks is causing it.

Tanabe stated that he was “quite surprised” by the backlash against Federation Force; he feels like people are put off by the game’s visuals, and that players will respond differently once they are playing the game for themselves. He also stated that the game’s negative response gives the developers a chance to turn the game’s reputation around. Here’s Mr. Tanabe’s full statement:

USGamer: Have you been surprised by the backlash against this game and how negatively people have responded to it?

Kensuke Tanabe: I was quite surprised by the backlash, because as far as from a development perspective, I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis into game play and the way the game feels when you play it — as well as the creation of the universe to be within the Prime series, but at the same time I get the feeling that people are talking a little too much about the visuals they have seen through videos they have seen so far. Again, it will be different once you have the hands-on experience.

While there is a lot of backlash as you pointed out, this a perfect chance for me to turn the table around and get people to start liking it. If people are already paying attention to it, there’s always room to get that to work in a positive way – to get interested in a nice way about the game.

Source: USGamer

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