After Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight, the company was pleased to reveal another surpriseMetroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS—during the Nintendo Treehouse. Launching on September 15th, the game will be a significantly revamped version of Metroid II: Return of Samus for the Game Boy. And in the twenty-six years since the original’s release, more than just the graphics of games have been updated to give this classic a renewed luster.

As you can see in the segment above,
Metroid II is being reworked from the ground up in order to really immerse the player into SR388, the Metroids’ homeworld. Speaking of immersion, Samus Returns is going to be a game that prioritizes effective use of the stereoscopic 3D, which has not seen many recent, high-profile games use it much.

Samus’s usual upgrade tree will be in effect as our cosmic heroine finds various Chozo artifacts throughout the planet while exterminating the Metroids. New to
Samus Returns, however, are “Aeion Abilities,” special moves that will power up Samus’s offense and defense or offer her new powers—one example of the latter is the Scan Pulse, which reveals portions of the map and helps players locate secret pathways. There will also be new moves from the get-go, such as being able to aim in 360 degrees of space around Samus or to beat enemies away with melee counters. Samus Returns will also feature Amiibo functionality.

As E3 went on, Nintendo also discussed their reasons for coming back to
Metroid II to remake it. Part of the reason is simply that the co-creator of the
Metroid series, Yoshio Sakamoto, was never directly involved with the first Metroid sequel, and he wanted to know what the game could be like if he could work on it today. Additionally, as this is the game in which Samus tracks down and kills most of the remaining Metroids in the galaxy, as well as the story in which she meets the baby Metroid,
Metroid II had a lot of important stuff to show to the new generation of Nintendo gamers.

With less than three months before launch, Nintendo has also revealed a Special Edition of the game that will feature a reversible cover and CD called
Samus Archives, which will be a 25-song soundtrack selection with tracks from all throughout the Metroid series and Samus Returns. Until then, you can still get a small
Metroid fix now by checking out the trailer for Samus Returns on your own Nintendo 3DS to watch it in full stereoscopic 3D.

What are your thoughts on
Metroid: Samus Returns so far? Are you excited for this remake? With all these additions, I think it looks like a brand new adventure! Tell us what you thought was noteworthy from the Treehouse segment in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Livestream at E3 2017

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