Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Nintendo’s recently announced co-op shooter for the 3DS, is a different kind of game than fans were expecting, to say the least. In an interview with Kotaku, the game’s producer, Kensuke Tanabe, revealed new details about the game and explained that he didn’t consider Federation Force to be a side-story. While the game is more action-focused than exploration-based, he stressed that once players got their hands on the game, they would be “able to feel that Metroid Prime universe.

Here’s what Tanabe had to say:

“Personally, I don’t feel like I am creating anything that is a side-story. Until now, we’ve never had a game focusing on the Federation Force fighting against the space pirates. So the main idea here is that I sort of wanted to change that focus a little bit and see it from a different view from the same universe. So as I briefly mentioned earlier, once you play the game you’ll be able to feel that Metroid Prime universe. So it’s kind of… at this point it’s a little difficult I’m sure for both sides to get that idea …for players who haven’t touched the game, it’s really difficult to imagine that feeling you get when you touch the game. So it’s a kind of an unfortunate situation at this time, but it’s something I definitely look forward to having the users touch it and play and experience the awesomeness of it.” — Kensuke Tanabe

Tanabe also revealed numerous details about the game, so here’s a breakdown of the major points:

  • It will feature three different planets, each with about 10 missions for players to take on alone or with up to four players in co-op.
  • Blast Ball will serve as the game’s competitive multiplayer, and Tanabe also believes it serves the role of a tutorial to familiarize players with the controls.
  • You can use the C-stick on the New 3DS to control the camera, but the game is also playable on the normal 3DS.
  • While the game is more focused on action, there will be some areas for players to explore a bit, although there is no scanning visor.
  • Players can outfit their mechs with different equipment to serve different roles in co-op, such as repair capsules for a healing role, or super missiles for a more offensive position.
  • There will be a mission involving Metroids, and Samus herself will make an appearance somewhere in the game.
  • Tanabe hinted that Sylux, a bounty hunter from Metroid Prime: Hunters, could return in the future, although this was not in reference to Federation Force in particular.

Source: Kotaku

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