In an interview with GameSpot, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg stated that not only does he think Xbox One will see an increase in sales this holiday season, but that he also expects a substantial portion of Xbox 360 owners will finally make the jump to Xbox One.

Greenberg cites series such as
Halo and Gears (which both have upcoming titles releasing by year’s end) as well as the recently announced Xbox One backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games as reasons for the “massive migration.”

Here’s what Greenberg had to say:

“And so we think having all of that coming this holiday; we expect we’re going to see a massive migration. We expect millions of Xbox 360 owners to migrate and move to Xbox One. We see that the majority of people who buy an Xbox One today own an Xbox 360. So our fanbase has stayed very loyal. And frankly, they’re waiting for those new releases to come this year.” —
Aaron Greenberg

Do you think new first-party games and the promise of backward compatibility will be enough to bolster Xbox One’s sales? Are you in this demographic of Xbox 360 owners looking to upgrade? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: GameSpot

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