Well they’ve done it! Microsoft has finally come up with a
way to take every child away from reality, far away from their mother’s grasp.
What is this nonsense of which I speak? Microsoft’s new Peripheral vision system:
IllumiRoom, an augmented reality projection unit designed to extend
gaming onto nearby walls. In short, it makes your television screen look

The IllumiRoom system consists of a projector that sits on
your coffee table, surrounding the television with a projected light. Microsoft’s
Eric Rudder was able to give The Verge some information regarding how the
system worked

“The LED is projecting for a frame and then turning it
off and Kinect IR is reading those layovers, then the Kinect turns off for a
frame and then the projector goes on and then Kinect will go back and
forth.” – Eric Rudder

Although Rudder adamantly describes the IllumiRoom
technology as incredibly sophisticated, the impression that many people have is
that the television simply appears larger. The current prototype requires a Kinect
for Windows camera in addition to a projector to display the image onto walls.
The Kinect is able to capture the details of a room, while the projector
transfers all of the visuals around the TV. The IllumiRoom system has been
designed to work in any living room and is self-calibrating.

IllumiRoom is not limited to expanding the gaming visual size; it also features a number of capabilities as shown below in this five
minute long preview.

For more about IllumiRoom read the research paper. What opinion do you have on this new product? Share in the comments section below.

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