Sunset Overdrive is the critically acclaimed third-person shooter that’s remained an Xbox One exclusive since its release. The developers, Insomniac Games, recently said they would love to see the game on PC but also stated that it’s Microsoft’s decision. In more recent news, a representative from Microsoft responded to GameSpot to say that while they “are all proud of Sunset Overdrive and are always looking at ways to bring games to our fans. We have no further news at this time.

Insomniac originally selected Microsoft as a publisher and Xbox One because they were allowed to own the rights to the franchise. So while Microsoft will get to call the shots for where the original Sunset Overdrive gets published, Insomniac is still able to independently create a sequel. Still, the chances for a PC port are not too far away, as other Xbox One exclusives have made the move, including Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3.

Source: GameSpot

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