At their E3 conference, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One S, which is 40% smaller than the original console and comes with a 2TB hard drive. In a blog post summing up their E3 announcements, the company revealed that preorders for the new model are off to an “amazing start.” Although they provided no exact figures, they did feature a statement from GameStop’s merchandising executive, Bob Puzon, who thinks the Xbox One S will be “one of our most sought-after products.”

“With all the new innovation we’ve seen and experienced with Microsoft’s new Xbox One S console, we anticipate this creating excitement among our customers. The new sleek design and the ability to watch Blu-Ray movies and stream video in 4K Ultra HD with HDR is sure to make the new Xbox One console one of our most sought after products when it launches later this year.” — Bob Puzon

Will you be buying an Xbox One S when it launches in August? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Xbox Wire

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