Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are seen as “the big three” in the video game industry, but back when it first entered the market, Microsoft was hoping to collaborate rather than compete. It’s well known that Microsoft attempted to form a partnership with Sony to create the console that we now know as PlayStation 2, but as it turns out, they also attempted to strike a deal with Nintendo.

Xbox co-creator Ed Fries was a guest on the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, and he opened up about the early days of the Xbox brand. Fries shot down rumors that Microsoft attempted to buy out Nintendo, instead revealing that Microsoft executives met with Nintendo in hopes of working together.

“When we first started thinking about doing Xbox we met with Nintendo and we sat down with Iwata and others and we said, ‘This is what we want to do. Could we partner? Could we work together on this?’ And basically they said no.”
— Ed Fries

According to Fries, Microsoft offered to handle the software and networking side of things while Nintendo would be in charge of the hardware. Nintendo rejected the partnership, and when Microsoft made a similar offer to Sony, they were faced with rejection once again. Without a partner, Microsoft opted to launch their own device, and the rest is history!

Source: IGN Unfiltered

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