After the launch of the Xbox in 2001, Microsoft’s attention to gaming swiftly shifted towards the console market. It made sense, of course—why would you prioritize something completely open over something you control? However, for many PC gamers, it was heavily detrimental to many things. Games like Halo and Gears of War became console exclusive, drivers began to slip to the wayside, and the actual PC iteration of Xbox Live was quickly condemned to a life of mediocrity.

According to a Tweet by Phil Spencer, though, this will be changing soon. After the reveal of Windows 10 (Microsoft’s next operating system) running of platforms showcased the Xbox One, an initiative towards cross-platform applications and experiences was announced. For most consumers, this immediately equated to computer and mobile applications being implemented in a home console environment. However, it also appears to be speeding up the integration of various services into the PC market.

Starting in January, we can expect more news about this semi-recent development and recent proper announcement. What do you think of this shift?

Source: Twitter

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