We’re still months away from E3, the most-hyped gaming event of the year, but some of the big names in the industry are already starting to buzz about the June convention. Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for the Xbox brand, recently appeared on an episode of The Inner Circle Podcast and discussed Microsoft’s plans for E3.

Of course he couldn’t get into specifics, but he promised a lot of surprises for what he calls the Super Bowl of gaming. According to Greenberg, Microsoft will be taking a different approach to this year’s E3, and there’s lot’s to be excited about. Here’s some of the things he had to say:

“We love E3, it’s a fantastic time for us to get to engage with our fans and we save a lot of big news for E3 and I think our fans want that and so we always debate how much should we reveal before E3, because you want to create this special moment in time and it’s like the Super Bowl of gaming.

“Expect a lot of surprises, expect us to talk a lot about games and if you’re an Xbox owner I think you’re gonna leave really, really, really happy in the investment you made and if you’re undecided we hope that you’ll look at what we deliver on games and want to buy an Xbox.

“We’re already working and and my team’s actually driving a lot of the work there in close partnership with our other internal teams and we feel really good about this year. We have some ideas to do some things different at E3 this year that we haven’t done before so wait until we’re really ready to fully show that but I think we’re gonna take a little bit of a different approach to E3 this year and I feel really excited about it.”
— Aaron Greenberg

What would you like to see from Microsoft at E3 this year? What game announcements are you hoping for? Would you like to see more about Hololens? Sound off in the comments!

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