Back in March, Nintendo released Miitomo on mobile devices to enormous success. Miitomo is a social networking app that lets you interact with your friends with questions on various topics like current interests or types of food. In a recent update, Nintendo revealed that they would be ending Miitomo support for iOS 7 in the near future. According to Nintendo, this change is being done “in order to continue improving our service and your experience.” The change should take effect near the beginning of December.

Thank you for using Miitomo.

Until now, Miitomo has supported devices running iOS 7 or newer. However, in order to continue improving our service and your experience, the following changes will take effect with an update on or after December 2016.


iPhone/iPod touch/iPad running iOS 7 or newer
Note: iPhone 4 is not supported

[After December Update]
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad running iOS 8 or newer

We apologize to all users who are currently using iOS 7. We recommend that you upgrade your OS at the soonest opportunity.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Miitomo.

Source: Nintendo PR

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