SurveyMonkey has given an analysis of Nintendo’s Miitomo app, which was released last month. The app has had around 2.6 million downloads in the last week, an average of 370,000 downloads per day. Two thirds of the total number of downloads were on iOS devices, with the remainder on Android devices.

SurveyMonkey has also reported that the app has approximately 4 million monthly active users and around 1 million active users per day. Current estimates indicate that Miitomo is making around $40,000 per day; 80% of these purchases are from iOS devices, while the other 20% are from Android devices. This gives a daily revenue of about 3-4 cents per user, which SurveyMonkey says “is actually a healthy number for a more casual game like Miitomo, especially early on.”

Source: SurveyMonkey (via Nintendo Everything)

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