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Miiverse Arrives on PC and Mobile Devices


Way back at E3 2012, Nintendo promised the new Nintendo social network Miiverse would be coming to computers and mobile devices after the launch of the Wii U. We haven’t received any news on the matter until today. Nintendo has opened up Miiverse to be accessible on your browser right now.

Miiverse can be found right here. Come on click the word “here!” You know you want to see it!

Nintendo clearly states that the browser version of Miiverse is currently in beta, and many features are noticeably missing. For example, you cannot post anything in communities on Miiverse or update your profile. However, a user can reply and comment on any post, even his or her own!

Bad news for non-Wii U owners, but one is required to have a Nintendo Network username and password to access Miiverse on the web.

Let’s hope the 3DS version of Miiverse comes in soon. I can’t wait to take this fantastic network on the go.

Go look around on the fancy new Miiverse site right now!

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