Nintendo games seem to appeal to an incredibly wide range of audience members. From children to full-grown adults, people of all ages seem to find some love for a Nintendo game. Why is that though? How does Nintendo approach game development when tackling a certain age group? In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto shared how he creates games without appealing to a certain age group:

“Ideally we should be making things that can be enjoyed by the widest possible range of people. I like to watch theatrical performances and go to theme parks—things which are appealing to a wide range of people—and observe as a game creator. Of course, there are the dramas and movies that I am personally fond of, and I always appreciate the way these creators make their works by focusing on specific tastes. When they try to appeal to a specific group of people with their creations, however, I think they first discover an interesting theme to work on and, only afterward, determine that they should focus upon the specific audience in order to work on the theme, not vice versa. Even when we make something that we want children to enjoy, we always aim to achieve a level of quality and content that even adults can appreciate, so in other words, making something for children might even be more difficult than making something specifically for an adult audience.” Shigeru Miyamoto

What do you think about Miyamoto’s philosophy behind aiming games at age groups? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TIME

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