Canonically, every pilot in the Star Fox or Star Wolf teams is forced to amputate their legs and replace them with human-like metal prosthetics. Nintendo’s official explanation for this has always been that, by amputating their legs, the blood in the pilots’ bodies doesn’t need to flow all the way down to their toes, and is therefore closer to their heart. This way, they wouldn’t lose consciousness from lack of blood when exposed to extreme G-forces. However, Game Theory made a video disproving Nintendo’s explanation last year, and said they believed the Star Fox team cut off their legs to achieve a better running speed.

Recently, Game Theory’s MatPat had the chance to interview Shigeru Miyamoto, and he took advantage of the opportunity to confirm his theory. The legendary developer, however, gave an answer that disproved both ideas.

When asked why the characters in the game were given metal legs, Miyamoto gave an answer that MatPat probably wasn’t expecting. It turns out that the metal legs were merely a design choice; by giving the characters metal legs, they could appear much more human. The explanation about maintaining consciousness in extreme G-forces was made up by developers afterwards to excuse the bizarre decision.

The full interview is in the video above; the portion on the metal legs begins at about 7:08.

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