Recently Nintendo executives like President Shuntaro Furukawa and legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto met with shareholders to discuss the company’s performance in 2018 and plans for the future. During the question and answer segment of the meeting, one of the investors questioned Nintendo about their number of female employees.

Nintendo Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinya Takahashi responded first, asserting that Nintendo has a high number of female employees involved in software development. Miyamoto followed this up by contrasting Nintendo with Western developers, who he sees as being more male-dominated.

“There are also many females actively involved in development. The director of the Animal Crossing series is a woman, and there are many female designers working actively. When I had chances to look at other development companies in Europe and the US, they give the impression that they’re overwhelmingly male-dominated. Compared to companies like that, Nintendo has a lot of female developers energetically working.”
— Shigeru Miyamoto

Ko Shioto, another Senior Executive Officer at Nintendo, followed this up by acknowledging that Nintendo has significantly fewer women in hardware development than software. He explained that this is a common issue in Japan, but expressed optimism that Nintendo in particular can buck this trend in the future.

Source: Nintendo

Ben Lamoreux


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